What is an International Safe School?

An International Safe School, recognised by the World Health Organization through the Safe Community and Safe School Designation Program, is a school that: meets seven criterion that are defined by international leaders in public health and education to prevent injury and promote safety in the school community; have undergone an application process certifying their data, results and improvement that includes on-site review; and, have a signed contract to continue their work in on-going safety improvement and sharing their work with local, national and international networks.

What are the target age groups for International Safe Schools?

All ages. Schools do not just include students or pupils. They include the staff, administration, vendors, parents, grandparents, siblings and children of pupils, vendors, staff and administration. The programs used in individual International Safe Schools will vary, but should address all the various age groups that the particular school interacts with.

What types of Schools can become International Safe Schools?

All types. From Pre-Kindergartens, serving ages 1 to 5 years, Kindergartens, Primary Schools, approximately ages 6 to 13 (American system Grades 1 - 8, European Years 1-7), Secondary/High Schools, ages to 16 or 18 years old, to colleges and universities, as well as technical schools are all eligible. The language of the indicators is aimed more toward the Pre-primary, primary and secondary school systems for ease, while two international universities (UNISA and University of Alberta) are working to develop Safe University and College models. The concept of safe(er) school community still applies.

Is there a fee for becoming an International Safe School?

Yes. With the logistics involved of maintaining records, reviewing materials, site visits, printing materials, staffing, research, etc. some charges to the schools are needed. These help to off-set these costs, but more importantly make sure that the schools have something financial at stake. Research shows that when the school has a financial investment in the process at stake, the school becomes more invested in the work at hand. The fee is €500. per school for designation. But, International Safe Schools is committed to making sure that NO school shall be kept from becoming designated due to fees as a barrier. Part of every fee paid goes into a fund to scholarship needy schools, and partners and sponsors are constantly sought to help.

I am not part of a school or college, but want to be involved are there ways?

Yes! From individuals who donate time, items, finances to businesses who become associates, there are many ways to become involved. Please contact info@intlsafeschools.org for more information.

Is training and technical support available?

Yes. From on-line and on-site courses offered through Karolinska Institute and other institutions, to seminars by Peaceful Resources Center and the International Safe Schools Affiliate Centers, training and technical support is always available. Please visit the training and technical support section for more information.

How many schools are there designated and where are they located?

This is always changing. For updates keep an eye on the Right side columns for news updates and visit the Schools Pages often.

There are terms or publications that I do not understand how can I get them listed on the FAQ page?

Please email mlv@intlsafeschools.com and state NEW FAQ in the subject line. With your question in the body of the e-mail.

I see some things translated, but not in my native language. Why not?

Peaceful Resources Center and the International Safe School Affiliates are non-profit organizations/non-governmental organizations (NGO's). As such, we request volunteers for translation into as many languages for documents as possible. Professional translation is often far too costly for budgets that can be applied to delivering programs and research directly in the field around the world. If you know someone who would like to translate, please e-mail info@intlsafeschools.com Thank you.